Friday, April 22, 2011

I Missed It


I missed it. Missed ape? Justin Bieber's concert. I am so freaking sad. The tears fall from my eyes. Aku tak tahu nak cakap ape. Tengok jam pukul 8.30 jealous gilaa. Semua orang kawan facebook aku pergi. Nak nak Aqilah Nur Nokman and Anushka. Kenapa taa belanjaa aku satu!? There will be no more Justin Bieber in Malaysia this year. I have to wait next year. And of course the waiting is killing me. Hello. I am a belieber. Everbody get jealous when other people meet your charming guy.

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Maybe there is some happy moments beside the sadness. Yess of course. Guess what my beloved down to earth parents just bought me Justin Bieber book (First Step 2 Forever). A lot of amazing pictures in it. And I am telling you that I am captivated. And and and I have his autograph. He signed on the picture. I was astonished when my parents hello-hello me to say that ; First Step 2 Forever. Is it the book that you were looking for like hell? And I am grateful to my parents for buying me that precious book. Hahaha :) God bless.

One more thing, Justin Bieber spelled Malaysia ; Malasya. I cant stop laughing. How could he does not know how to spell Malaysia? You never heard of it? For of course I know how to spell UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Maybe Malaysia is not that famous. Just kidding. Some beliebers said that Justin Bieber facebook account is not real. I dont know what to say laa. For you he is fake but for me he is always real and i will always believe him. 

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Do you noticed that I write in Bi. This is all because of Budak Puncak Alam. Yep. You should go to her belog. Fantastic. My father read her blog and he asked me to write in Bi too. WTFish? Serious? I know i write it wrong. My vocab sucks. I am not as superb as her ;) I'll try my best to read more novels even tough I HATE NOVELS. Novels are boring. No pictures in it. I love comics more that novels. Sorry novels :|

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