Friday, April 22, 2011

Bieber Month


Heyy. Its about bieber again. Haha. Chill guys. Its Bieber Month. Never Say Never 3D and his concert is in this month. Just take a stroll at his facebook account and he posted this pic. This means alot to me although i didn't go to his concert. But its okayy. He wrote Malaysia and it is overall which means include me. And again he spelled Malaysia wrong. I dont care about that. For now I blushing *perasan*. Haha. Ignore me :)

Sorry had to blur that part because Justin wont let me. He said ; Theres a lot of haters out there and only beliebers can know his account. For himself and his account safety. Its not that he is arrogant or what. He loves his fans but it is a precaution. Okayy? Dont be sad :|
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