Monday, December 20, 2010

Justin Bieber Is Coming To Malaysia ?

Keep your fingers crossed, Beliebers, ’cos your teen idol may just be dropping here next year for a concert.

The Daily Chilli reported that Bieber has pencilled Kuala Lumpur for his world tour next year. Apparently a reliable source has said that Bieber will be performing in K.L. and Singapore in April. "The concert promoter is working out his permit. But it shouldn't be a problem for Justin to perform in KL 'coz he's squeaky clean," says the source.

So people, get set to meet your idol and while you are waiting, 

(if you don’t already know it) learn up the lyrics to Baby, Somebody To Love, Never Let You Go, One Time and your other Bieber faves.
The Bieber fever rages on.

    don't stop .. believing in Bieber ..
Happy :
Dee Dee Kidrauhl :P 

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